Upcoming Jackpot

Each day has its own Jackpot starting at $6000 and increases $500 every week until it reaches $10,000.

Jack It Up

Break-open tickets sold at $1.00 each with a guaranteed $200 and winner will receive another chance to win a progressive jackpot.


This is a separate game played. It’s a full card game with 45 pre-called numbers. It’s a full card game with a jackpot that increases every night. This game is $2 each or 3 for $5.


Each bingo night has its own toonie game. The cost is $2 to qualify and increase by sales every night. To win you must get bingo on the lucky numbers and have your book stamped.

Fast Track

This game is played on separate machines before bingo between 5:30-6:45. $1.00 card. Increase single and double line jackpots.

Bingo Before Bingo

6 Mini Game starting at 7PM. Each game is $50. The 6th game is a jackpot game. Double line in 14 numbers or less. For a jackpot which increases every night.