Charitable Donations

A chance at winning the jackpot isn't the ONLY reason our bingo players choose the Membertou Entertainment Centre (MEC). It's also the fact that the MEC donates thousands of dollars every year to charities in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Since 2007, the Membertou Entertainment Centre has donated approximately $1.1 millon amongst charities such as The Kinsmen Club of Sydney, Membertou Recreation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, MADD Cape Breton, Knights of Columbus, Sydney Minor Hockey, Rotary Clubs of Sydney Sunrise, Two Rivers Wildlife Park and Cape Breton Crime Stoppers. 

Currently, the Membertou Entretainment Centre is helping the following charities reach their goals!

Rotary Club of Sydney - Sunrise | Sunday

"The funds that we raise through Membertou Entertainment Centre bingo helps us to support Loavs and Fishes and the Boys and Girls Club. We also support an interact club at Glace Bay High School and host events for New Dawn Guest Home. There are also several international prokects that we are involved with through one of our club members, Dr. Ian Doyle. He is a dentist and makes several trips to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Chile, and Peru providing dental care on numerous occasions. There are a lot of areas as you can tell, where we use the money. Certinaly in the end, it is the community that benefits and it's all through the work here done by Membertou and the Membertou Entertainment Centre." - Aurelle Landry, Rotary Club of Sydney - Sunrise

Two Rivers Wildlife Park |  Sunday

"Membertou Entretainment Centre provides bingo and the money that is raised goes to the wildlife park to support the park itself, to feed the animals and keeps the park operational. All the money that is raised goes into a big pot, it helps pay for veterinarian bills and supplies for the horses. Wherever we need it, that's where the money goes. What Membertou is doing is great for the park, it helps a lot." - John Rose, Two Rivers Wildlife Park 

Sydney Minor Hockey | Tuesday

"Membertou helps us by allowing us to provide volunteers to work bingo every Tuesday night, in exchange our organization gets paid $400.00 for providing the workers. 100% of that money goes directly to the players and the organization, Sydney Minor Hockey. Each volunteer that works, their player earns $40.00 because their parent worked that shift. Throughout the year and last year we raised over $20,000.


In addition to that money, we also sell even split tickets at bingo. 100% of that money goes towards a charity Sydney Minor Hockey created called Sydsport, it's simiar to Kidsport, as we use the same guidelines. This charity helps players that may not necessarily afford to play hockey, it gives them that extra little bit of that funding they need in order to get them to play. As well 100% of the tips we collect from bingo players goes towards a volunteer appreciation night and that is to say that you to all the volunteers, the coaches, the trainers and everybody who makes hockey possible." - Janice March, Sydney Minor Hockey

Cape Breton Crime Stoppers | Saturday

"Cape Breton Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit organization that relies on fundraising projects to progress. The funds we raise are used to support our operating capital in order to pay annonymous callers for information about ciminal activity. Crime Stoppers has received anonymous information that has assisted law enforcement agencies seize over $4.5M in illicit drugs and recover over $2.6 M in stolen property. Our goal is to make our communities a safer place to do business. Donations to Cape Breton Crime Stoppers  certainly helps us in acheiving our goal. Thank you to our donors who have contributed in any way towrds the success of our program." - Charlotte Boone, Cape Breton Crime Stoppers